Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HW#27 Annotated Bibliography of Baghdad Burning

Riverbend, Baghdad Burning, Girl Blog from Iraq, 2005
The Feminist Press at the City University of NY, NY
The author wrote Baghdad Burning, to show people in the United States and other countries what is truly going on in Iraq and what is happening to the women there. This book fits into the workings of this course because it shows the degrading of Iraqi women and people. Our class focuses on how the internet is degrading to certain people. This book represents an example of how women are degraded in a certain country. The audience for this book is everyday people, made for both men and women. It was made to allow people in general to see and understand what is really going on in Iraq. The sources of the author, Riverbend are personal opinion and knowledge. But she also uses other online sources such as and along with many others (Riverbend, 157). I think in general, from this book, I will learn through the eyes of the writer just how much the war in Iraq affects her and her people. I will learn this through her terrible experiences, through terror and neglect. Her terror of being bombed or killed and her neglect through the lack of water and electricity. I will learn through her education and knowledge of what she knows is going on around her. The two neglects listed above are just two of many challenges that Riverbend has to encounter during her life. Another challenge she has to be afraid of is being abducted. Also they have to be careful of gas because some gas that is being sold on the black market is sometimes mixed with kerosene (Riverbend, 186). I’ve never heard of a book written like this before, it is a documentary done by the women, herself. It allows people to connect with the writer because they know it is coming right from her heart and her mind. It shows the truth of the War in Iraq and just how horrible it is. It also allows us to see how much the War is negatively affecting the people of Iraq. I think I will learn a lot from this book and will be able to use that knowledge to help other people understand that the American’s aren’t helping.

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