Monday, October 1, 2007

HW#14 Response to Joi Ito

Ultimately Joi Ito has always been a leading player in the world of blogging. As a result, he has been able to develop a well balanced community online,in his blog called Joi Ito's Web. Specifically he states “himself as the custodian of the community, enabling people to come but it really is kind of like a party in his living room.” Actually I agree with him being the custodian because he cleans up what people say and how they say it. As a result he is able to portray a community because he tells them to be respectful of his wishes and views. After all Joi writes about just about anything, he enjoys reading people’s views, and learning from the peoples’ knowledge. Along the same lines of any other community based region. However, it is always unsure if the information given is actually true. In addition, Joi states that the availability of one’s voice being heard, will allow more folk art and folk music back into play. On the other hand I feel it will allow many pointless voices to be heard. As a result more unimportant problems will arise and become popular. Of course we will never know until the whole world of blogging progress even more.

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Tracy Mendham said...

Yes, this whole metaphor of the livingroom is nicely conceived.
Use signal phrases and in-text citations to credit the author and source of facts and idea. A reader who hadn't read the assignment would have no idea what text you've drawn this from...this borders on plagiarism.