Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hw#13 Importance of Blogging on Buisness

I think the impact of blogging on business, is more important than the impact of blogging on communication. I think this because I feel that the business blogs affect the outcome of people’s opinions more. They write about a certain company that they think has a bad product and people believe them. More people believe them because they have evidence to back up their views. This greatly effects how companies should monitor business blogs. They should do this because if they don’t monitor and react to people’s blogs, it could become dangerous for the companies well being. Ultimately, what is at stake here is the companies’ popularity. Business blogs are growing at a massive amount. As it states in Blogs will Change your Business, “Technorati says 23,000 blogs are being built every day; the Business Week story ups that to 40,000.” The growing of these blogs means that more companies will be at risk for a decrease in popularity. This risk of exposure is something that companies need to keep taps on.

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Tracy Mendham said...

I like the way this leads with your ideas ans clearly states your position, and gives the title of the article you quote from.
Name the author, and include in-text citations to give page number:
" that to 40,000" (Kline and Burstein 42).