Thursday, September 13, 2007

HW#5b Trusting the Unknown

September, 13 2007
There isn’t really anything I greatly disagree with in the chapter “I Blog therefore I am.” One thing that I found questionable was the fact that they wrote about how the Newspaper and other media are not trusted anymore. I question this because how are people putting so much faith and trust into these blogger. David Kline argues that the “bloggers cite their information right on the page.” My reaction is that they could be lying, showing these false sights and convincing people to believe them. Kline reminds us, “that 62% of people believe that the press is biased in political reporting.” Each individual blogger online is biased to their own views and beliefs in the politics. They are all writing about what they think about a certain politician or what they are doing. I don’t understand what the big difference is between the biased views online and in regular media. Kline also reports that “the regular media has abused its power, and lost its readers respect.” We all don’t know what the blogger are hiding, we don’t know enough about blogging to start trusting them so much.

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Tracy Mendham said...

I think this question of false citations will interesting to come back to after you've been following blogs for the semester--I suppose bloggers could be using false citations, but in the ones worth watching, I think they value their reputation too much to risk that kind of misrepresentation.