Monday, September 24, 2007

HW#11 North Korea Zone Blog Exposed!

I chose the North Korea Zone blog, from Rebecca MacKinnon’s interview, because I thought it sounded interesting. The blogs website is as follows: . This blog is written in a formal matter. This website keeps viewers informed of happenings in North Korea, and allows people to share what they know about North Korea. The blog has a picture as its banner. This banner shows a man pointing towards a group of soldiers. The soldiers look as if they were in battle. One of its viewers is a father of a one year old girl. He is married and blogs also about North Korea. He wants his daughter to be a cheerleader when she gets older. His name is Andy Jackson. His blog is called Flying Yangban. Another blogger that visits is Joe Katzman. He is the founder of the Winds of Change blog.
There are many topics talked about on the North Korea Zone blog. The newest entry is titled Tae Kwon Do Diplomacy. “In echoes of the Ping Pong Diplomacy with china in the 1970’s the North Korean National Tae Kwon do Demo team is coming to American for a good will tour” as the blog states. Another topic talked about on this blog is about DPRK’s UK embassy presenting an amazing art show. This was shown in London during July. It seems London residents greatly appreciate Korean art.
MacKinnon’s statements about the North Korean Zone blog were all positive. This blog encouraged Rebecca to further her education in blogging. This blog was the starting point and inspiration for Rebecca. It is persuaded in the book that this blog helps to connect people in different countries. It allows educated people to share information about North Korea. On the one hand, I agree with that quitting her job was risky business and very dangerous. But on the other hand, I still insist that without quitting she wouldn’t be able to have made that blog as educational as it is.

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