Sunday, September 9, 2007

HW#4 "The Voice Of The Customer"

September 9, 2007
The brand that I have chosen for this assignment is Arizona Jeans Company. This company’s products are sold at JC Penny. This brand promise is that “No matter where you are you are always in Arizona.” This is shown around the website by the pictures. The pictures show people having fun and being happy. The backgrounds on these pictures are taken in what looks like Arizona. Either that or the pictures are in a similar color scheme as the lands of Arizona. Another quote from the website is that “Today’s the day to crank up the wow.” This quote promises that if you ware these clothes your life will contain much more wow in it. I am a customer of Arizona Jeans Company. I have bought multiple pairs of jeans and t-shirts from this company. I believe that this company lives by its wow promise. The pants always feel very worn in which is very comfortable. This comfort allows me to be comfortable with myself and my body. Some pants are very tight when you buy them which doesn’t allow the customer to be flexible in them. I feel that in Arizona Jeans, I am able to accomplish the highest wow potential.


Tracy Mendham said...

Well done!

Rich Last said...

Nice report ! I'm glad you like our merchandise ! Thanks !

We also have our own wesite .... and an azjeans facebook page. Check us out !

- From The President of the Original Arizona Jean Company.