Wednesday, September 12, 2007

HW#6 Getting An Idea

The Social computing technologies that I am most interested in are instant messaging, social networking services and IM plus Quick camera. I chose these three because I use them almost everyday. I chose instant messaging because it allows me to connect with my boyfriend who is back at home. We are allowed to chat, while I do homework and other schoolwork on my computer. I chose social networking services because I use facebook. This allows me to share photos and talk to my friends all over the world. I am able to talk to my friend who is going to school in New Orleans, and North Carolina. It is a way to keep in touch and to share what you like. Lastly I chose IM plus quick camera because this allows me to see and talk to my family right through my computer. I am also able to take photos and videos and email them to my family and friends
The kinds of empowerment of marginalized groups that I am most interested in finding out about are overcoming sexism, rights and empowerment of poor working-class people and issues of citizenship, rights and empowerment of undocumented residents. First I chose overcoming sexism because it is always a problem in today’s society. Women are still being treated terribly in some places of the US. Second I chose rights and empowerment of poor working-class people because I grew up in the working class. I had a job as soon as I was legally allowed to. My family is also from the working-class and I would like to learn how to help out the middle class. Lastly I choose the issues of citizenship. I chose this because my aunt’s nanny told me her story. Her story was that she still isn’t able to get her daughter over here to America. It is very sad to have a mother separated from her daughter.
Lastly the geographical areas that I would like to start looking into are South and Central America as well as Africa. I would like to understand the differences that technology has effect on different countries.

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Tracy Mendham said...

What a lot of intriguing ideas here. I wonder if you could find any research on how people from different socio-economic groups use Facebook and MySpace.