Wednesday, September 5, 2007

HW#2 "Toward A More Participatory Democracy"

September 5, 2007
In the chapter “Toward a more participatory democracy”, written by David Kline, it states multiple ways that blogging has changed communication. One of the reasons blogging has increased is due to politics. During the 2004 presidential election the ten most popular blogs were being viewed by 28 million people. Even after the election of the president the blogs were still being viewed by a decent amount of people. Blogging in terms of politics is a good source of news and of multiple opinions. It allows people to gather data on their own and influence the opinions of their readers. Blogging also supplies an alternate source for information, rather than the television or the news papers. Today many people assume that what is stated on TV or in the paper is not true. To many times in the past have one thing been said to be true and then a week later, it turns out that wasn’t true at all. One factor that is not highly thought of, about television and the radio, is that they barely show any religious views or news. It is never posted or available for the world to see. With blogging people are also able to see and hear what is going on in the religious world.
I wonder how people can believe people online so much more than the television or the newspaper. It’s amazing to me that people will read and be so trusting to this unknown writer. I would have trouble myself believing blogs of today. I feel that people would take advantage of the very trusting readers and make something up.


Tracy Mendham said...

Is this HW 3?

Rachel said...

This is Hw 3!

Tracy Mendham said...

This summary does cover a lot of chapter pretty accurately--good. Make more clear when you're presenting your own ideas and when you're presenting those of the author--it gets a little foggy here in places.