Thursday, September 20, 2007

HW#9 Response To Waldman

September 20,2007
There are many interesting points that Ayelet Waldman makes in her interview. There is also a couple that I don’t really agree with. She is a woman, a mother, a loving wife and a blogger. She had been taking some time off work, so she saw it as the best time to start blogging. This led to an emotional avalanche.
Waldman is married to, the Pulitzer Prize-winning, Michael Chabon. She has four children and is very hardworking. Waldman talks about her husband’s short story called “Along the Frontage Road.” This talks about a father and a son walking through a pumpkin patch, after the mother has just terminated a pregnancy. If her husband told her of this story, before he published it, and she wrote it in a blog, the short story wouldn’t exists. Ayelet herself writes, “It might have been moving, and it might have been raw and painful and on the nose, but then it would have been gone, and Michael would have never written that short story.” I agree with her, that it would have ruined her husband’s work. That if your not carful with what you write on you blog you could ruin someone else’s creativity.
One thing I greatly disagree with, is stated on the last page of the chapter “A weblog saved my life last night.” That statement is that “the web is one place where these educated women turn.” I feel that if they are educated women they should be able to find another more intelligent and helpful way than the internet. I also don’t agree with the fact that she is just talking about educated women. What about all the other women in the world? They also need help and guidance with their emotions and thoughts.

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