Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hw # 16 The Five Pilliars of Conversational Software!

The five Pillars were developed by Scoble. He says "these are the five things that made blogging hot." The Five pillars of conversational Software go as follows: First is the "ease of publishing. This means that it is very simple and affordable to have your own blog and to explore other blogs. Secondly there is "discoverability", in simpler terms this means that it is easy to be discovered and discover other blogs. This enables you to be seem for what your interested in or your views on a certain topic. Thirdly there is the "cross-site conversation." This comes from the comments that are giving back and forth from different bloggers. The bloggers are able to communicate without even seeing each other. Anyone can post anything on any one's blog. The fourth pillar is "permalinking." This allows you to link straight to a certain post. The fifth and final pillar is "syndiction." The last pillar is also located in the last "S" of RSS. These five pillars are very important to the increasingly popular blogging community.

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Tracy Mendham said...

Okay, I think you understand Scoble's principles--good.
Give the the person's full name the first you mention them (Richard Scoble), say where you found the text you're discussing, and don't forget to proofread and spellcheck.