Wednesday, October 10, 2007

HW#19 The Web Of Influence

The paragraph that I chose from the chapter “Web of Influence” is on the bottom of page 91. It is the last paragraph on the page and it continues onto the next page. This part of the chapter shows that blogs are much easier to fix and correct over and over. For example, it states that journalism has spun out of control because they are unable to maintain the truth up to date. The blogs on the internet, allow a person to add more onto and correct something if they misinterpret what they heard or read. In other words, the media and journalists today are unable to maintain the constant changing factors that effect everyday news. They are unable to keep an up to date evaluation of the new information coming into the media world. It states in the paragraph that bloggers “Have become so adept at fact-checking the media that they’ve spawned many other high-profile retractions and corrections.” They have the ability and the resources to check and recheck their information. They are able to produce a very up to date and informative post. My conclusion, then, is that blogs are easier to be trusted because they have more resources to back up what they are stating.

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Tracy Mendham said...

Yes, blogging has a whole new kind of error-correction built in.
It's good that you gave the title and page number--give the author (Drezner) and publication (Kline and Burstein's Blog) also, since this is meant to be a close reading and it's important for the reader to know what work you're examining.