Monday, October 15, 2007

Hw# 21 Big Sister To the Rescue!!

Dear Little Sis,
I know this chapter is very hard to understand, because of its strong use of language. I am hear to help you understand better what has happened in the first chapter of the book called “A Room of One’s Own” which is written by Virginia Woolf. This chapter starts off by introducing the main character of this book that is named Mary Beton, she is staying in a hotel near the Cambridge University. She talks about the library at the local college and how a women is not able to go in without a man by her side or if she doesn’t have a letter from the dean. During the whole first chapter she talks about the downside of women and what they have to deal with, with not being educated. She also talks about how if their mothers had left their daughters money and land then the women of today would be better off. She is on her way to a luncheon but she is earlier so she spends her time enjoying the fantastic view of the chapel. She describes the amazing food that she eats at lunch. She also discusses the poetry of Christina Rossetti and how beautiful it is. Through out the whole chapter she discusses the fact that women are valued less. I think this means that during the rest of the book their will be a struggle for value and approval of Mary and women in general. I think your teacher would consider this book important because it will allow you to see what differences women had to deal with back in the time period of this book. This will allow you to get a personal view of a women’s struggle to develop a educated mind in the world of men. I really enjoyed this chapter and I feel that I will enjoy this book. It was kind of hard to get into in the beginning but once a couple pages went by I found it very interesting. Hope of was helpful with any confusions you had with this chapter. If there are any more question feel free to email me.
Your Big Sister


Amy said...

Well done.

Tracy Mendham said...

Oops--my computer was signed onto Blogger as Amy. That last comment, "Well done," was actually from me, Tracy.