Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hw#23 Pantyhose and the Right of Women

As I read this particular article from the blog Jezebel, I was amazed at how much things haven't changed since I wrote the book, "A Room of One's Own." Women are still being put down even if it is just over what they are and are not able to ware to work. In this article, Jenifer ,from Wonkette, states, that two women, who work in two seperate senator's offices are treated so differently. This is true because, in one office the women are allowed to wear jeans and chuck taylors, while the other is forced to ware heals and pantyhose. I find it very appauling that certain people that have autority over women, will make up such ridiculous rules. Jenifer describes how the women are even forced to ware panyhose in the summer and even under pantsuits. I went on to wonder if honestly any man would dare to live on day in our shoes (Woolf,14). And if from this they would learn to stop and check the feelings of others around them before they just come up with these outrageous rules (Woolf, 14). Now that women are able to have jobs and make a life for themselves now doesn't mean you should tie her down to a formal attire. Men and people of authority will find any excuse to try and control us, women. We shall not let them, for our intelligence has grown and it will be passed down from mother to daughter (Woolf, 21). The daughters of tomorrow will be supplied with the right finances to start their life right and effect the outlook on our sex for the better (Woolf 21). This article demenstrates just one of the little hills we must climb to get to be able to see eye to eye with the men of the next century. Women will conquor and women will lead.

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