Tuesday, October 9, 2007

HW#17b Making the Vote!

I think the Daily Kos blog would be more influential than the Wonkette blog. I think this is true because it lends support and information. It is also against the war in Iraq, so the views will be biased to one side. I am against the war in Iraq so this site would help me to figure out which candidate would be in my best interests. They would be on my side, so their views would be easy to understand and relate to. Another thing that is helpful is stated in the following quote:
“The most important thing in political campaigns is to strengthen your connection to the activist base and then mobilize them.”
You are able to find many of today’s activists on blogs such as Daily Kos. They allow you to connect and figure out what your views are. Unlike the Wonkette blog which is more of a gossip/ making fun of politicians. It is aimed at “deflating the egos of Washington’s brotherhood of babbling politicians and journalists.” These two blogs will help you in two different ways. I find that the Daily Kos will help me to make my decision when I go to make my vote.

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Tracy Mendham said...

Good--I think Kos probably would serve you better than Wonkette in this case.
Work on strong signal phrases...instead of Another thing that is helpful is stated in the following quote: try something like Zuniga hits the nail on the head when he says that... Don't forget your in-text citations.