Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hw#28 Letter to Riverbend

Dear Riverbend,
Your blog really educates me about the other side of the Iraqi war. It makes me feel very uneducated when you talk about all the politics and such of your country. I don't feel like I know anything about the American's occupation of Iraq. I never knew that women actually had jobs and were able to walk around without their hijab or headscarf. I had no idea that they now don't have jobs because it is unsafe for them or their companies don't want to be responsible for what happens to them. Also I totally didn't realize that women had to have a man walk her everywhere because of her safety not so that the man can control her. They are looking out for her well being and so she doesn't get abducted or hurt. I had such a wrong view of why women have to be escorted around. This just shows how clueless and brainwashed us Americans are by the media. Half of the information you talk about in your blog I had no idea was happening. Your book/blog has opened up my eyes and allowed me to see the other effects the war has on Iraqi families. I totally agree with the statement you made on August 22 2003 saying "We're all the victims of decisions made by the Bush administration." I feel that all Americans and Iraqis are suffering because of one man's decisions. The American soldiers are suffering because they don't want to be in Iraq and the Iraqis don't want them there in the first place. So much damage and death has occured and nothing has really come out of it all, it seems never ending. I also had no idea about the nine, one month ruling presidents of Iraq. I really feel plain stupid and like a child when it comes to what is happening in Iraq. The news here in America only shows our views of everything. I really wished they would show us what is really going on over there. I think more Iraqi people should be doing what your doing, expressing what you have had to live with. I think more Americans would understand and want to pull out of Iraq if more knowledge was shared about what our men being there does to the everyday society. I want to thank you for sharing your stories and your knowledge on what is going on, to help us understand. I really apreciate it and it makes me want to get out troops out of their ten times more than i ever wanted to before.


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Tracy Mendham said...

Wow, a lot of passion here. Nicely done.