Wednesday, November 14, 2007

HW# 35 The End of the Blog as we Know it!!

Dear Readers,
I have learned a lot from maintaining my own personal blog for the last 13 weeks of class. Mostly I have learned how easy it is to blog in the first place. I thought it was going to be a hard process which would take a long time but I found it very fun and interesting. Many of the homework assignment have allowed me to expand my knowledge on the world around me and how greatly everyone is affected by everyone else. I hope people will be able to learn a lot from my posts and my blog. I hope that they will take into their own account and look up and discover some of the topics that I have written about in my blog. I feel the best work that I posted on my blog had to be the letter we had to write to Riverbend, the author of Baghdad Burning. I really enjoyed this assignment because I was also able to voice my strong opinion as well as use the information I read in the book. I think I will keep my blog, when the class is finished but I’m not quiet sure what exactly I will write in it. I find it very fun and interesting; blogging that is and I think it will be a very new and exciting way to communicate with people. I would also like to thanks my readers.. if I have any for putting up with my crappy spelling and sometimes my fragment sentences. Hope you enjoyed what you read and will expand your education in some of the topics discussed in my blog.