Tuesday, November 13, 2007

HW #32 Aquila Al-Hashimi

Aquila Al-Hashimi is a women who was attacked on September 20th 2003. "She lives in Jihad Quarter and was leaving for work when two pick up trucks with armed men cut off her car and opened fire on her and her brothers" (Riverbend,75). Armed men ran out of their homes to see what all the comotion was about, and started fighting with the gang. Aquila was taken to the hosiptal she was in a very ctritical state but she was abole to stablize. They brought her to the Al-Yarmuk hospital and later transfered to the Bagdad Airport hospital. She was wounded in multiple spots on her body such as: foot, shoulder, and stomach. In this entry Riverbend stated that it was very sad that Aquila was wounded because she was one of the "Decent members of the council." This showed that no matter who you are as a women you are still in extreme danger. Aquila was involved with many foreign affairs and lived in Iraq. The gang that attacked Aquila wasn't known so Ahmad Al-Chalabi began an investigation. But like many other people he had his biased opinion on who was at fault. He thought that Saddam and his loyalists were responsible for the incident. Aquila had many enemies who didn't agree with a women being able to have so much control so many of her fellow council men opposed her. One of the reasons they didn't like her was that she was also a prominent part of the former government and that she didn't ware a hijab. There were many differnet views on who was truely at fault for the attack but no one has been arrested for theie actions.