Wednesday, November 14, 2007

HW#34 Gold and the Date Palms

Golds role in the family savings in Iraq is that gold is the family's savings. It's been like that since 1990 beause the Iraqi, which was $3 kept fluctuating like crazy (Riverbend,100). Because of this many Iraqis transfered their savings into gold so that the value wouldn't change. Right before the war most Iragis pulled their money and invested in gold. Gold in Iraq is called zeeneh by the local women (Riverbend,100). It is used for show and also is greatly used when families are in financial trouble. So gold is very valuable because it is the family's life savings. So when Riverbend's aunt is freaking out so much that the Americans would come and raid the house because it is her life savings!!! Much like gold, date palms are greatly teasured by Iraqi citizens. Date palms are important to Iraqis because they like "an oases in the desert," they allow the Iraqis to hope for good times (Riverbend,103). The palm trees are also very useful as they are beautiful. They can be used for making a syrup called dibiss. This is eaten with rice in some places and eaten with bread and butter in others (Riverbend,104). Another item that can be produced by date palms is vinegar which is called khal in Iraq. Every part of a palm tree can be usefull to an Iraqi citizen therefore they treasure them very much. Now with the cutting of the date palms in Dhuluaya many citizens are at a lost, and are afraid of the repercusions.

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